We are a team of highly motivated experts in the field of integrated circuits covering all design steps necessary to reach high volume production. Our field of expertise is powermanagment, PMIC, Systemintegration of power with sense and control modules, configurating and building SBC (System Basis Chips).

Our Mission


Pride in our Work & Business
Engaged & Committed to mee our goals
Enhance Quality and Robustness
Deliver on time



We have brought >50 Products to mass production
Transceivers, Power Train, Infotainment,Smart sensors

Our Vision


Understanding Customer
   Allign to their needs
      desires and


Design Experts

We can support various Applications by having
      seniour design expertise in th field of
   Power, Sensor, Interfaccing, RF, Test, EMC

Our Values

Customized Solutions

Choose Best Pepole
Execute Best Practice
Continous Training
Exeed Expectations

Our Experience

Customized Solutions

Based on our experiance in various fields
we can support you with the best solution
for your Application to develop best in class
products at given time and prize.

Leading mixed mode design provider

Solving your design problems

The start of every development are the application requirements. We check your specification document and try to optimize the specification based on the application behind. Thie way, we can optimize your BOM and balance the integrations of functions for risk, price, development time and ATE (mass production) Test time.

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About Sibrai Electronics

Sibrai Electronics was founded 2017. We specialized on analog and mixed mode design of integrated circuits.

Sibrai Electronics service

The offered services include -System partitioning -Feasibility studies -Analog Mixed mode design, DFT, ESD, Isolation, Floorplaning, A/D interface optimization, layout support -Test specification development -Evaluation / Verification, EMI test development and EMI test, ATE / LAB correlation -LAB verification, testboard development and automization -Design and layout reviews -Documentation for Specification, Safety Documents, ATE Test and Qualification

Sibrai Electronics location

Sibrai Electronics Gmbh

Hallersdorf 28

A-8564 Soeding-St.Johann


UID: ATU72581208

ATU 72491528

Court: Graz / Austria