IC Integration

Experts at mixed mode and analog

IC Design Services

For Your Businesses

We offer a flexible support for your development.

  • Analog Mixed mode block design, verification and documentation.
  • Proactive design based on broad available expert knowledge
  • We can support you on the whole design flow up to mass production.
  • We can cover the whole design cycle for you.
  • LV /HV design upto ISO26262 quality standards.
Expert team on analog / mixed mode integrated Circuits

Solving your design problems

We combine the experts in the field of powermanagment Dc/Dc and linear regulators, sensor interfaces, drivers, high integration of SBC (System Basis Chips).
System experts for integration of HV (upto 100V) with 1,5V digital DSP function with Dc/Dc and high resolution sensor interfaces.


Analog Design & Support

Analog design from block level upto system level with documentation up to safety relevant designs.

Analog DFT and BIST

Develop test strategy for cost efficient ATE (mass production) test. Develop BIST (Build In Self Test) for power-on testing and onsite test during operation.

Analog Modeling

Develop behavioral and functional models of analog blocks for toplevel digital verification.

System Partitioning

Group the functions to digital and analog domain and find the best interface partitioning for best application match.

Packaging and Pinout

Find the right package matching space and thermal limitations and define the pinout to match PCB constrains for external components and solve quality and safety limitations based on Pin FMEA.

Floorplaning and Layout guidence

Optimize physical Block/Pad/ESD placement of the mixed signal die and give layout guidence to reach smalest die size and best isolation between internal function blocks.
What we


Full Design support

Full Service

Full Service

From RFQ to design, layout, verification, evaluation including documentation supporting ATE test and qualification. Design for Automotice ISO TS and ISO26262 like designs in the field of ADAS, Powertrain and Body electronics.
Support your project

Support your project

We support your project with feasibility studies, quotation for die size, effort and developing time,block and subsystem design, define and develop on chip testability, ESD strategy and EMV restrictions, verification plan and execution, verification and test board development, debugging, correlation to ATE test and qualification support.
Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Active support for application feasibility / optimization, system feasibility / optimization, best practice, design / layour reviews, design for Automotive application, HV BiCD design upto 100V, ISO26262 related designs with technical safety judgements.

About Sibrai Electronics

Sibrai Electronics was founded 2017. We specialized on analog and mixed mode design of integrated circuits.

Sibrai Electronics service

The offered services include -System partitioning -Feasibility studies -Analog Mixed mode design, DFT, ESD, Isolation, Floorplaning, A/D interface optimization, layout support -Test specification development -Evaluation / Verification, EMI test development and EMI test, ATE / LAB correlation -LAB verification, testboard development and automization -Design and layout reviews -Documentation for Specification, Safety Documents, ATE Test and Qualification

Sibrai Electronics location

Sibrai Electronics Gmbh

Hallersdorf 28

A-8564 Soeding-St.Johann


UID: ATU72581208

ATU 72491528

Court: Graz / Austria