We offer complete flow with all necessary steps to do your integrated circuit. 
We offer design support on your running design as well as debug services.


We generate an IC specification based on your application needs. This can come from a hybrid prototype (PCB) or your customer request.


Based on the generated specification a detailed quotation will be generated to find out best compromise for PCB space, die size and test cost.


Dependent on Application requirements, best possible ESD and EMI protection are used during block level and top level design.


On chip test concepts are implemented to reduce test time and enable possible test during device operation.

Block Design

For analog block design, we can reuse many different concept's for given problems. By optimization of existing topologies and marching to the target technology, fast and die size / performance optimized circuits can be designed in a reasonable time.


An optimized floorplan is key for mixed mode IC's. By optimizing the placements and the shapes of blocks, EMI, ESD and crosstalk behavior will be enhanced to reach required functionality.

Support Functionality

In case of specification violation, we offer debug service at simulation level as well as LAB hardware evaluation.


Support Layout

We can guide your Layout Team for optimized component placement and metallization to minimize Die size and enhanced robustness of the design.

Support Documentation

We can support your product documentation and fill the holes. We are familiar with FMEA, FMEDA, FTA analysis, documentation requirements and technical judgements to generate all required documents.

Support Reviews

We offer design and layout reviews to reduce risk and enhance confidence level.

About Sibrai Electronics

Sibrai Electronics was founded 2017. We specialized on analog and mixed mode design of integrated circuits.

Sibrai Electronics service

The offered services include -System partitioning -Feasibility studies -Analog Mixed mode design, DFT, ESD, Isolation, Floorplaning, A/D interface optimization, layout support -Test specification development -Evaluation / Verification, EMI test development and EMI test, ATE / LAB correlation -LAB verification, testboard development and automization -Design and layout reviews -Documentation for Specification, Safety Documents, ATE Test and Qualification

Sibrai Electronics location

Sibrai Electronics Gmbh

Hallersdorf 28

A-8564 Soeding-St.Johann


UID: ATU72581208

ATU 72491528

Court: Graz / Austria